Wool Rug Care Guide

Wool Rug Care Guide

Learn how to easily care and clean your one of a kind wool rug. These hand knotted beauties are a great way to add character and warmth to your home no doubt, but are they easy to clean? The answer is YES!

These hand knotted beauties are a great way to add character and warmth to your home no doubt, but are they easy to clean? The answer is YES! Hand knotted wool rugs are easy to care for on a general basis AND when accidents happen. These one of a kind wool rugs are made for living! Now, some rugs are better suited for certain areas, so just reach out if you have any questions!

Fun fact: the lanolin in wool is known as "wool wax" and serves as a natural water and stain repellent allowing these wool rugs to withstand high traffic areas, kids, and pets! Phew! 

All of our rugs are professionally cleaned by our suppliers before we receive them. 

General Cleaning

For general cleaning, just vacuum. Vacuuming without the beater brush is recommended to avoid pulling the wool. Never pull on loose wool. Simply tuck any loose wool back into the weave or carefully trim with scissors. Vacuuming on the backside of your rug on a monthly basis is also a good idea.

When Accidents Happen

When spills happen it's okay, don't panic! Blot up spill and spot clean using water and a small amount of clear liquid soap or clear liquid detergent. Use a soft bristle brush if needed. Rise until clean and then place in the sun until fully dry. That's it!

Make sure to fully dry your wool rug before bringing it back into the house. Rugs that are not full dry after being cleaned tend to have a stronger wool smell until fully dried.  

Rotate Your Rug

Rotating your wool rug helps prevent discoloration, dirt accumulation in only one area, and wear from heavy foot traffic. When a rug is partially covered by larger furniture, the covered part will stay cleaner than the exposed part of the rug. Just rotate your rug a few times a year. 


Repetitive direct sunlight will fade the colors of your rug. Use curtains or blinds during the brightest parts of the day to ensure your rug doesn't fade in only one area. Rotating your rug a few times a year will also help. 

Unpacking Your Rug 

High quality wool contains a substance called lanolin, which emits a metallic-y, but sweet and grassy scent. Rugs may emit this scent more strongly from being tightly wrapped. This is normal and will dissipate within a few days or weeks of being unwrapped and aired out. These are wool rugs made of natural materials, so there’s no off-gassing to be concerned about.
Creases are also common after being tightly wrapped. After receiving your rug, lay it out flat. After a few days, your rug will start to flatten out and the creases will fade. 


For any specific questions regarding care of your wool rug, please reach out to twosistersrugs@gmail.com

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